5 Tips for Interior Designers 2020

Things to keep in mind while designing a given space

Designing a space can be challenging often, given the preference of the clients you are working for. There are endless design ideas that people explore before getting their space designed. This often increases pressure on the designer to get “out of the box design ideas” in order to quench the craving for more, on the part of client. Hence, justifies the reason for this blog, 5 Tips for Interior Designers 2020.

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Designers explore multiple idea themes and mix-match to curate just the right recipe for their client. Plus, the increasing competition has made designers run for their business. Easy to use design software, online tools and idea generators have made it easier to create Crisp and Fresh Designs in a jiffy.

However, things are not always that difficult as they seem to be. There are certain rules or kind-of strategies, following which it’ll be easier for designers to grab new projects and more over retain the clients for longer period of time. 

Here are 5 Tips for Interior Designers to scale their business in 2020:-

5 tips for interior designers in 2020

1) Understand the Need– Ah! Many a times designers fail to properly understand what the client actually needs. They start to pitch customers various ideas and techniques they find lucrative but fail to keep note of what the client actually wants to get done. This often irritates the client and opens the doors for him to explore more options. To counter this, firstly, listen attentively and let the client say what he has in mind. Note bullet points and tally with the client and then proceed for the design.

2) Adopt Open Plan Design–  Urban housing has left people with little spaces. This is the scenario where designers have their creativity sway. Combining two areas can be helpful in these cases, for eg- creating an open kitchen along with dining area. This kind of design not only gives the space a rhythm but also calibrates it with the house and makes the area look bigger than it is. Often known as Open Plan Design, is a wonderful space saver option which is also a money saver.

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3) Dress-up the Walls– Though, walls form the major part of a room yet they are the last to receive any design updates. Decorating the walls is a brilliant option to improve the aesthetics of a place. Wall Decor is useful in every aspect, for small spaces, giving white colour on 3 walls and a 3D Art on the focus wall makes the room look bigger whereas in a larger space, a Wall Art adds a sense of elegance. Designers, I urge you to definitely try this out and I’m sure your clients will love it. 

5 tips for interior designers 2020 UPDATE

4) Be Unique– Here comes the heart-breaker. To climb the ladder of being a Market leader or creating a Masterpiece, you have to think out-of-the-box. If you continue giving your clients cliche designs, you’ll soon run out of clients. People love bragging, and you need to fuel their desire. Provide them with state of art designs, new cost effective materials which are as good, to quench the need. Do your research carefully and keep yourself updated with the latest trends going in the market.

5) Clear Payment Terms– At first, designers are hesitant to talk about immediate payment for services taken and happily push money from their pocket and get the site completed. And at the time of handover of the site, client pushes the payment date to 14 days later or maybe 60 days in some cases. This needs to be clearly talked about prior to confirming the order. Don’t be hesitant or shy, be clear and specific and note all points and keep transparency in transactions to ensure smooth relationships.

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